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Many people never take the first important steps on their journey to recovery because they are too afraid of what they might face while they are detoxing.

It is true that when you are addicted to any substance, the withdrawal from that substance when you start to detox can be severe. In some cases, and especially if you try to go through this alone, they can even be life threatening. However, completing a detox therapy program will never be as life threatening as continuing to abuse substances.

Which is why, here at Safe Haven Recovery Center, we have embraced medical detoxification as part of our substance abuse treatment and addiction therapy inpatient programs. This allows all our patients to go through this difficult process safely, and with all the healthcare support they need.

What Is Medical Detoxification?

Medical detoxification is a term that refers to the process of withdrawal from alcohol or drugs, done in a controlled environment, and under the close supervision of medical professionals.

Detoxification itself is not usually considered part of the recovery and addiction therapy process – but it’s a step that everyone has to take before they can start their substance abuse treatment.

Our medical detoxification team is made up of doctors, nurses and other trained medical professionals who closely monitor the health and wellbeing of every patient in the detox process.

Why Medical Detox Is Necessary

People who have been abusing substances for a long time have more than just a habit. They have developed a strong physical dependency on the substances they abuse. Depending on which substances they use, these dependencies can make changes in their bodies and their mental health, and when those substances are suddenly not present, they can experience very real, very physical side effects.

Having a trained, experienced medical team on hand to help these patients to cope with the effects of not having the substances they are chemically dependent on is critical for their comfort, health, and safety.

People who successfully detox from the substances they have developed a physical dependency on are also able to go onto substance abuse treatment and addiction therapy, to learn the mental and emotional skills they need to make a permanent change in their lives.

Different people might need different types of medical detox support, for different amounts of time. But for those who do need it, it is a critical step on the road to long term, sustainable recovery.

Drug & Alcohol Abuse

Different kinds of medical detoxification and detox therapy are required for different kinds of support during their detox process.

Our team works closely with patients and their loved ones to determine what kind of addiction they have, and how much support they are likely to need to successfully complete the detox therapy program. Then we develop a strategy that offers the safest, most likely to succeed process for each individual.

Usually, people who choose a particular day to begin their treatment at Safe Haven Recovery Center and have time to prepare themselves mentally and physically for their detox therapy will find the process more manageable. However, no matter what their process does look like, our medical detoxification team will be there to support them along the way.

Years of drug and alcohol abuse can have a profound effect on the body and the mind, but it’s always possible to break those chains and undo much of the damage that has been done. No matter how long you or your loved one has been physically dependent on any substance, detox therapy will help.

Learn More About Detox Therapy

If you or a loved one are getting ready to start substance abuse treatment at Safe Haven Recovery Center, or you just want to know if and how we can help, we’re happy to answer your questions.

Contact our team to discuss your unique circumstances, and to find out how our medical detox team will approach this first, crucial step in your addiction therapy program. Learn who our team is, and what they do to support our patients throughout the detox process and beyond.

Sometimes, it’s the unknown things about substance abuse treatment that are holding you or your loved one back from taking control of their lives and ending their addiction. We understand. So, we make sure we give you all the right information to make the best possible choices.

There’s never been a better day than today to start your recovery journey. So, whether you’re ready to walk through the doors of the Safe Haven Recovery Center in Beverly Hills, California or just want to learn more, make the call.

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