Rehab Programs

Recovery is tough. We understand, and we’re here for you.

Everyone’s journey through addiction and substance abuse is different. It takes time to even realize there is a problem, and not everyone does.

If you’ve found this site, that’s the first step to beginning substance abuse treatment and taking back your – or your loved one’s- life. There’s a long road ahead, but just being here is one of the most important parts of the process.

Safe Haven Recovery Center has been helping people to find the best path forward for some time, and we’re ready to help you or your love done take the first steps into addiction therapy, understanding and recovery.

Located in Beverly Hills, California 90210, our substance abuse treatment facility uses the best, proven rehabilitation programs and methods to help our patients break the bonds of addiction.

With the right kind of treatment, the right attitude and hard work, it is possible to turn things around, and it is possible to get out of active addiction and into a life of clarity, choice, and normalcy.

What We Do: Supply Professional Substance Abuse Treatment

 Safe Haven Recovery Center understands that every person we speak to, see and treat is completely unique. But we also understand that addiction is not. There are clearly defined patterns, problems, and solutions to every thing you are experiencing with your substance abuse problem or addiction. We can help you to find the patterns, solve the problems and make a permanent change for the better in your life.

How We Do It: With Proven Addiction Therapy Methods

Safe Haven Recovery Center focuses on substance abuse treatment and addiction therapy that is focused on the individual. We have several treatment options that are based on your unique circumstances. Whether you need detoxification, residential treatment, medical addiction therapy, something else or a combination of strategies, we can help.

Our team of rehabilitation experts works with each patient who contacts us to assess their specific problem and needs. We create a one of a kind treatment plan for you, and help you to take the first, most important steps on the road, starting the program.

There’s support at every step of the way too. So, you always have someone to turn to when you need help to stay the course.

We even help our clients to stay on the right path after they have completed their program. Because substance abuse treatment doesn’t stop on a specific day, and addiction therapy and recovery are an ongoing process.

The journey to recovery is a long one. It can be difficult, and there might be bumps along the road. Sometimes, you might even stumble, but with Safe Haven Recovery Center, you can be sure there will be someone ready to help you pick yourself up and get back on the path.

Change Starts Today

If you are here, then you’re probably ready for change. We want you to know that it’s in your grasp and in your power. All it takes is the choice to start today. So, if you’re ready to change your life for the better, we’re ready to help.

Learn more about our rehabilitation program options here, and then contact us. There’s never been a better day.

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