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Addiction and substance abuse can put you in a very dark place. Sometimes, it feels like there’s no way out. But here at Safe Haven Recovery Center in Beverly Hills, California 90210, we know that’s not true.

We’ve been providing substance abuse treatment and addiction therapy for over five years, and we’ve helped hundreds of people to make a permanent, healthy change in their lives.

People Like You

Every addiction and recovery story are unique, and every journey to recovery is different. However, the patients we’ve seen at Safe Haven Recovery Center come from all walks of life, at all ages and stages. They’re all just like you in that they have recognized there’s a problem and chosen to make positive change.

Custom Treatment Plans

There’s no one size fits all route out of addiction and substance abuse. That’s why we create a completely customized, personalized treatment plan for every patient. The right treatment plan can support and empower your recovery, and give you long term tools to stay sober, safe and healthy.

Rehab Programs We Provide

There’s a treatment program for everyone at Safe Haven Recovery in Beverly Hills, California 90210.
We focus on people, and on giving them the very best professional, customized treatment plans for every recovery journey.

Inpatient Rehabilitations

Sometimes, the best thing you can do for long term recovery is take a step back from the world and focus on yourself. Our inpatient rehabilitation program gives you a safe space to do that.

Comfortable, well-appointed rooms give our patients a safe place to work through their addiction therapy and learn more about themselves.

Being far away from the pressures and influences of life allow them to breathe deeply, and just focus on becoming a better, healthier version of themselves. Because everything you want to be is already in you, and sometimes, you just need peace and quiet to let it out.

Learn more about Inpatient Rehabilitations

Addiction Outpatient Treatment

If you need substance abuse treatment that fits into your life, our addiction outpatient referral program can help. Get the support you need, anywhere in the United States with our guidance.

Addiction and substance abuse doesn’t work around anyone’s schedule. Often, our patients simply can’t walk away from their lives to focus on recovery, so we bring our proven substance abuse treatments to them.

Let us create a outpatient treatment program that doesn’t take you away from work, family or school. That gives you the tools you need to beat your addiction while still living your life. Addiction therapy can work around your life. Let us show you how.

Learn more about Addiction Outpatient Treatment

Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT)

When you need addiction therapy with professional medical care, you’ll find it at Safe Haven Recovery Center. Our team of medical specialists offer medically assisted treatment that is safe and comprehensive.

Round the clock supervision and regular treatment review means that our patients are always safe, comfortable and ready to take on the challenge of substance abuse treatment.

Whether it’s monitoring vital signs, managing underlying conditions or just treating the symptoms and side effects of addiction therapy, our medical specialists are always here for you.

Recovery is a personal choice, but it’s not a road you have to travel alone.

Learn more about Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT)

Medical Detoxification

Sometimes, you need a little extra help to break free from addiction. Medical detoxification is a great way to start your substance abuse treatment and addiction therapy on the right foot. Close monitoring and carefully prescribed medications help to ensure detox is a safer, easier process.

Careful administration of a variety of medications can make the process of detoxification easier for our patients. Since this is such an important step in the addiction therapy process, it’s a steppingstone to everything that comes next.

Don’t let fear of withdrawal derail your addiction therapy. Medical detoxification can help you get past this barrier and on the road to a full recovery.

Learn more about Medical Detoxification

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See what our recovered patients have to say

Our team has been providing outstanding substance abuse treatment and addiction therapy for years. We’ve helped hundreds of people transform their lives, beat their addictions and change the course of their futures. Here’s what some of our patients say about our treatments.

"This recovery center offers all the amenities necessary to make its clients as comfortable as possible during their healing process. The staff is supportive, nice, and experienced in handling a variety of situations appropriately. The owner is caring and ensures that all necessary protocols are followed. This environment is great for individuals in all phases of their recovery."

- Donna D. on Google Maps
"This place was perfect and exactly what I needed on my road to recovery... The staff were like family to me. (Even Patrick) Highly recommend."

- Aaron K. on Google Maps
"The treatment here is unbelievable. The staff is second to none. If anybody needs help with an addiction, this is the place to be. The one-on-one therapy sessions are life-changing, the small group setting is comforting, the doctors are amazing, and the food is great. It changed my life."

- Willie J. on Google Maps
"Caring and professional. Beautiful place for yourself or a loved one in recovery...Five Stars in every aspect!!!!"

- Lisa R. on Google Maps
"I am fortunate to have spent a month at Safe Haven for my recovery process.    Every aspect of the experience...beginning with my admission/detox through the individual and group counseling...was managed at the highest level of quality and compassion..."

- Mark J. on Yelp
"For the past year or so I have been looking into bettering myself and my mental health. Having PTSD and severe depression it's very difficult finding a place where I can trust people and really open up to them honestly. I've only been to a few places so far, but Safe Haven has been by far the most welcoming, reliable and caring facility..."

- Joshua B. on Yelp
"I have been to many treatment centers before in my past and none of them compare to Safe Haven. This is the best program I've been to by far. The Techs here really care about every client that walks through the doors. They welcome you and treat you like family... ....Thank yall so much for helping me change my life for good!"

- James P. on Yelp
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Your search for the best rehab center near me ends here, at Safe Haven Recovery Center in Beverly Hills, California 90210

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If you’re looking for serenity, calm and quiet while you or a loved one work through addiction therapy, you’ll find it at Safe Haven Recovery Center.

Perched above Los Angeles on Canyon Drive in Beverly Hills, California, 90210, you’re close to the city, but far enough away to just breathe.

Discover More About the Substance Abuse Treatment Journey Here

If you’re not ready to take the first step, or you just want tools and resources, you’ll find them here. Learn more about substance abuse treatment, what it takes to make lasting change, and what comes after recovery. A new, healthy future is within reach.