12-Step Based Rehab Options

12 Step programs have been used for substance abuse treatment. It is a set of twelve structured steps that help people to learn to understand their addiction, undo some of the damage their addiction may have done and learn to live without substances.

Safe Haven Recovery Center in Beverly Hills, California, 90210 offers 12 step recovery programs as part of our comprehensive rehabilitation and recovery programs. Here’s what you need to know about these kinds of programs:

What Is a 12 Step Program?

A twelve step program is a system of recovery that follows the same basic progression through all twelve steps. It has been used to treat many kinds of addiction and compulsive behaviour, including alcohol abuse, drug abuse, gambling addiction and even compulsive shopping.

Originally, the 12 step program was a religion based program, but these days, it’s widely used in a secular format that does not require any religious belief.

What to Expect from a 12 Step Program

Different 12 step programs have slightly different content, but in most cases, the progression through the steps is similar. Those steps are:

1.       Admitting that you have an addiction, and that you are powerless over that addiction – although here, the powerlessness is in living with the addiction – not ending the use of the substance

2.       Admit that there are greater forces at work in life

3.       Decide to invest in the recovery process

4.       Take a long, hard, clear look at every aspect of your life, and how your addiction has affected it

5.       Been honest with yourself and the people you have hurt about what you have done

6.       Choose to be ready for recovery

7.       Ask for help to beat your addiction

8.       List all the things you have done to others while addicted, and committed to trying to make them right

9.       Make amends to whoever you could for the thing you have done to them

10.   Commit to being honest with yourself and to admit when you are wrong

11.   Seek inner peace and balance in your life

12.   Continue to live by the principles you have learned during the program

Ongoing Affirmation

One of the most important parts of any 12 step program is understanding that addiction doesn’t have a finite end date. Even after you have completed the program and reached sobriety, there is always a chance that you might slip back into harmful old habits.

Which is why most 12 step programs, including our own, also has an element of ongoing recommitment and maintenance.

Many people, even years or decades after they have successfully completed substance abuse treatment through a twelve step program, will attend program meetings when they feel they are at risk of sliding back into their old addictions. Being around other people who understand how you feel and have been where you are is helpful no matter what stage of the program you are at, and long after you complete it.

So, if you choose to complete a 12 step program as part of your recovery, know that there is always ongoing support to stay the course when you need it.

Proven, Accessible and Familiar

One of the reasons so many people choose a 12 step program as part of their addiction therapy is that it’s a proven system. People have been using this type of substance abuse treatment for over 80 years, and there are many success stories that have come out of the system. It might not be for everyone, but it has helped many people.

12 step programs are also very accessible. Once you leave our Beverly Hills, California, zip code 90210 facility, no matter which city you are in, you will probably find a program near you. There are also chapters of most 12 step programs around the world, and most are open to whomever needs them, when they need them. So even if you are travelling, if you need support, you can find a meeting and get it from your peers.

Finally, 12 step programs are familiar. Most people know what to expect, even if we have never been to a meeting, because we have seen these kinds of programs in popular culture. It’s a familiar, comforting system that isn’t too far out of most people’s comfort zone.

12 step programs provide support and insight, and they help to identify the things within that might be fuelling addiction and related behavior. This might be why they are so successful – because one of the biggest parts of addiction therapy is understanding oneself.

Do You Want to Try a 12 Step Program?

12 step programs aren’t a one size fits all solution, and they might not work on their own as addiction therapy for every person. However, if you are interested in including a 12-step program in your recovery plan, our team is happy to help you assess whether it is suitable, and what other kind of treatment you might need.

Our team of addiction therapy specialists and substance abuse treatment professionals can help you to find the right combination of substance abuse treatments to give you the best chance of a long and lasting recovery.

Don’t wait. If it’s time to end the cycle of addiction and substance abuse, there’s never been a better day than today, or a better time than right now. Call or email our team, and get the process started. With a 12-step process or without, there is a treatment plan that can make all the difference, and all it takes is one small step to get started.

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