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While many people do find that 12 step programs work for their recovery journey, some prefer not to choose this type of treatment. Some people find that there is too much religion in a traditional 12 step program, while others are looking for something that helps to have a deeper understanding of their addiction and the recovery process. Those feelings and needs are perfectly fine and justified. No two people are alike, and there’s no one size fits all solution.

There are several other kinds of treatment that are available for people who choose not to enter a 12 step program, and they are usually based on individual needs and situations.

Our team is very skilled at helping patients to choose the right kind of individualized addiction treatment to support and assist in their journey to recovery. These programs are developed on a case by case basis, and may include several different kinds of treatment, as well as a defined recovery program.

Self-Management and Recovery Training (SMART) Recovery

SMART recovery is an alternative to the traditional 12 step program that is based on a four point system. It is offered in person, in one on one sessions, in groups and online, so it’s easy to access help when you need it.

Unlike 12 step programs, which encourage people to admit that they are powerless against addiction and need help and support, SMART recover is built around the idea of self-reliance, and that we all have the power and tools within ourselves to conquer our addictions. The program is simply designed to teach us how to access those things.

The four step program focuses on four important recovery skills:

1.       Finding the motivation to start making change and to stick with the process

2.       Identifying urges and cravings, and learning how to cope with them when they happen

3.       Understanding our own thoughts, feelings and behaviour, and learning to control and moderate them

4.       Striving to create and live a balanced life

SMART recovery might not be the right solution for everyone, but those who do find that it works usually appreciate the holistic approach. SMART recovery is not just about beating your substance abuse problems, but about living a better, healthier life in general. It is also very much about learning and maintaining self-control, which is empowering and useful in other areas of your life too.

Refuge Recovery

Refuge recovery is a kind of addiction therapy that is based on Buddhist principles. It focuses heavily on introspection and meditation, and uses support groups and retreats to help patients find inner peace and control over their addictions.

While this kind of substance abuse treatment might not be for everyone, it is a lot more of a lifestyle model, which teaches people how to live lives that are free of suffering in all areas. As such, it’s a lot more than just an addiction therapy, and is a good choice for people who are searching for balance in all areas of their lives.

Which Program Is the Right Choice?

Any treatment program that helps to increase understanding and control and helps patients to break the chains of addiction is the right one. However, some people might find that they benefit more from one kind of substance abuse treatment program than others.

When you contact Safe Haven Recovery Center to discuss your options, our team of addiction therapy specialists will walk you through all the options and help you to choose the kinds of treatment that are best suited to your needs.

We’re always happy to listen to individual stories, understand personal stories and situations, and help patients and their families to make the right substance abuse treatment choices.

The right kind of addiction therapy is life changing. It not only frees you from addiction, but can transform your whole life, and many of our non 12 step programs are designed to do exactly that.

So, if you or someone you love needs to make a change in your life and aren’t sure where or how to start, contact us. The first step towards a brand new life might be as simple as a conversation to figure out what kind of treatment you should get. Don’t wait another day. Take that step today!

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