Alcohol Medical Detoxification

Alcohol abuse is one of the most common forms of substance abuse, simply because it is socially acceptable to use alcohol. Unfortunately, for some people, it’s hard to moderate and control alcohol use. Which can lead to alcohol abuse.

Unfortunately, because alcohol use is socially acceptable and legal for adults, and because many people with alcohol abuse problems can remain functional parts of society for many years, these kinds of addictions can have deep roots.

Many people who have had alcohol abuse problems and who require medical detoxification have high alcohol tolerance and use alcohol on a daily basis. Which means that they may experience unpleasant side effects when they decide it is time to stop.

What Does Alcohol Detox Feel Like?

Alcohol detox is sometimes faster and less symptomatic than detoxing from drugs, however, that does not mean there are no physical effects.

Many people who require substance abuse treatment for alcohol abuse have a much stronger mental addiction, so while they do have some physical symptoms, they find that they experience cravings for a longer time than other symptoms.

That having been said, when people are alcohol dependent, they can feel a range of physical symptoms, including:

·        increase in body temperature

·        increased heart rate

·        high blood pressure

·        anxiety and tremors

·        in very severe cases, patients may also have seizures or hallucinations

Most patients will not experience all of these symptoms, but our medical detox team is ready to assist with any that are experienced.

How Do We Manage Alcohol Detox?

The most important thing for our team is to ensure that our alcohol detox patients are safe, healthy, and comfortable during the detox process.

Alcohol can also have a marked effect on the body of people who abuse it – even moderately. Which means that these patients often have related medical conditions, such as heart conditions or liver disease. Our medical team will not only monitor the health effects of the detox therapy process itself, but also these underlying conditions.

Some of the drugs used for other kinds of medical detox, such as Naltrexone and Vivitrol can be used to suppress cravings for alcohol. This can make the detox therapy process easier for our patients, but they are only used when necessary, and on a case by case basis.

How Long Does Medical Detox from Alcohol Last?

Most patients find that the physical effects of detox therapy used for alcohol substance abuse treatment is shorter than for other drugs. That having been said, there can be very strong mental and emotional reasons for addiction too. That means that even when our patients are physically detoxed, they may still feel the effects of not drinking alcohol. They may not be physical effects, but they are just as real.

It is important to be patient with the process, and to understand that it has usually taken years to develop a dependence on alcohol. It will take some time to break that addiction, but with time, patience, and perseverance, it is possible.

Why Is Alcohol Detox So Important?

Alcohol may be one of the more socially acceptable drugs out there, but it has no less of a profound effect on the body and mind.

People who have alcohol abuse problems will usually find that there is a tipping point, beyond which they can no longer balance their alcohol use with their lives. At that point, their alcohol use may begin to affect their career, relationships and more.

Alcohol is also very damaging to the body. It can worsen or cause a huge range of conditions affecting nearly every part of the body. Over a prolonged period of sustained alcohol abuse, patients can even cause conditions that could be fatal.

The sooner people who have alcohol abuse problems find a center like Safe Haven Recovery Center California, Beverly Hills 90210, the sooner they can start to undo the negative effects on their lives and their health.

Not all damage that alcohol does is reversible, but if you don’t stop using alcohol, you can never begin the process of recovering and reversing what can be undone.

So, if you or someone you care about is struggling with alcohol abuse, and you need substance abuse treatment, contact us. Our team is happy to walk you through the addiction therapy process and answer all of your questions. If medical detox is required, we also have a full team of highly trained professionals that will help to make the process as safe, healthy and comfortable as possible.

Alcohol addiction can be debilitating, but it doesn’t have to define your life. There are proven, safe ways to break the chains of alcohol addiction and abuse, take back your life and become the person you were always meant to be. So, take that first step today. You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain.

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